by Various Artists

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released January 1, 1988


[ S.A.D. 01 ]

"Various Artists"
Originally released as a cassette in 1988.

® 1988 S.A.D.


Concept by Craig Ibarra.
Procrastination Youth moniker by Erik Korte.
Compiled by Craig Ibarra, Rick Pugliese and Marc Olmos.
Mastered by Rick Pugliese at the Hippie Crash Pad in San Pedro, CA.
Cover photo courtesy of John Hroza.
Thanks to Bob Archer for the digital transfer.



all rights reserved


S.A.D. CASSETTES COLLECTION Los Angeles, California

S.A.D. began as a small independent seat-of-the-pants cassette-only label started by Craig Ibarra sometime in 1987-88. S.A.D has documented the majority of punk bands from San Pedro, CA from 1984 till the present. Now with this new Bandcamp music platform, S.A.D. is able to make the majority of our back catalog available to you for free. ... more

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Track Name: HIPPIE TEMPTATION (pedro/p.v.) - In Pedro (Live)

well the kids are really hip - in pedro
they really dig their trip - in pedro
well sex is great to have - in pedro
but the chicks are always slav - in pedro

were all havin' such a good time - in pedro

well the surfers are always happy - in pedro
but the waves are always crappy - in pedro
hangin' out at aaron's - in pedro
but the cupboards are always barren - in pedro


they pack a lot of fudge - in pedro
but the cholos, they won't budge - in pedro
we know what it's like - in pedro
but were never really there - in pedro

Track Name: HIPPIE TEMPTATION - Marina Anthem (Live)

there's nothing to do
so fuck you too
i don't need your rules
all i need is a pool

i don't wanna slam
i don't wanna fight
i don't wanna fuck
i wanna skate tonight

i don't need your lies
i cannot wait
i'm so sick of everything
i just wanna skate!

now marina (skatepark) is gone
but we still skate on
we live in the past
we know our dreams will last

i need a fix
i need a vertical pool
marina set me free
that's where i'm dying to be

Track Name: HIPPIE TEMPTATION - S&M (Live)

s&m, s&m - i can't get off without s&m

sex without it, takes such refrain
i really dig that biting pain
feels a bit better when i'm on cocaine
whoa, it makes me insane


i love it when you use that whip
and i'm just beggin' to bite your tit
i don't care if it makes me a gimp
'cause i ain't no shit-ass pansy wimp


so put on your leather underwear
and give me that horny stare
as you bring your chain down through the air
on my back so red and bare


i love it when you get nasty
it's my greatest fantasy
i wanna die, during an orgasm
i love sado-masochism

Track Name: HIPPIE TEMPTATION - Tie-Dye Nightmare

to your tie-dye nightmare
all you can do is
sit there and stare

intensified reality
is at your door
(and your screaming
i don't want it anymore)

hey wait a minute, man
can i take it back?
sacrificing my sanity
is too high a price
to pay for the consciousness i lack

young lemmings
on the search
for a quick cheap thrill
(not expecting eternal damnation
to a cosmic hell)

i really didn't know
it looked so small
now you have my mind
but, please don't take it all

your battered brain
finally touches ground
back to your pitiful existence
but even this does not teach you
to let go of your ignorant persistence

that was really heavy, man
i think i've seen the light
that was fucking cool dude
let's do it again tomorrow night
Track Name: THU SCENT - Land Of The Lost

i came from the county line
then i crossed over
went to the mardi gras when it was over

when it was time to go
i could not find my keys

i'm traveling and i'm not bored
but there's something on my mind
i'm forgetting all responsibilities

from there it was arkansas
to get some new snow tires

when it was time to go
i could not find my keys

came from the county line
know where i've been?
i've been to the canyon
and stood and looked out

when it was time to go
i could not find my keys

from there it was colorado
then to "cauliflower" california
now i have no tread
and i haven't made the call to dad

when it was time to go
i could not find my keys

i'm travelling and i'm not bored
but there's something on my mind
i'm avoiding all responsibilities
Track Name: THU SCENT - Yentl

what - was - it - that - i - said
to - make - you - want - me
to - be - far - away - from - you
away - from - you
Track Name: THU SCENT - Cretin Trait

it might have been a long time ago
but i could still remember
henkey walking in the park
happy as a go lucky lark
and he's smiling with a funny laugh
laughin' with a funny smile
your wife and your life
oh henkey
your laughin' all the while
Track Name: THU SCENT - Dark Wind (Live)

got a hankerin' for some chili beans
pop beat me to it
now it's time to get mean
i've tried to have manners
i've tried to have class
it's time for warfare
my gun is my ass

dark wind

pop got me good
right from the heart
i just can't compare
to his parental fart
he got me good
i must get him back
look out pop
for the anal attack


gasping on the ground
anal is wearing down
i'm down on my knees
i can't even breathe a single breath
dying of disease

Track Name: BEDLAM - Lies

living in combat
computerized plan
holding hostage
every man

[chorus] lies
Track Name: BEDLAM - Party Song

we're just from pedro
you might think we suck
but we'll keep on playing, man
we don't give a fuck

party song

give us your money
give us your beer
let's all get wasted
that's why we're here


thrashing the guy's backyard
jump in his pool
here come the cops
looking for you
Track Name: BEDLAM - Halfway Dead

no time to stop and look
you're just bait on the end of a hook
you can yell, but no one hears
no more time for wasted tears
feel the knife that's in your back
everything seems to fade to black
it's all over now you're dead
i lay this guilt upon your head
drop that hammer, swing that stick
thump the head that's just been kicked
final moments left to live
no one seems to really care
we'll go back and show those jerks
how this system really works
tooth for a tooth, an eye for eye
i'll be happy when you die

halfway dead
that's what they said
you're all halfway dead
Track Name: BEDLAM - Shoe Box

hide inside my shoe box
no one else comes in
you can look and you could feel
but keep your distance, don't interfere
keep your distance
don't interfere
stay away - inside
two dimensions is fine with me
some sand, a pine cone and a plastic tree
keep your distance
inside my head
stay away
don't interfere
find a fountain for a slick background
water color, i'm on display
for all to see
but keep your distance, don't interfere
it's deep inside
keep your distance, man
just keep your distance
stay away
don't interfere, man
inside my head
Track Name: DIG IT - Marlboro Man

smoking all my life
riding on my horse
i have lung cancer
and i can't tell no one

they didn't tell me
that i could die
they just ripped me off
dollar by dollar

all the marlboro men are dead
all the marlboro men are dead
that's right - they're dead

smoking all my life
riding on my skateboard
i have lung cancer
and they told me i could die

dime after dime
joint after joint
i just smoked myself
into an early grave
Track Name: DIG IT - Money Addict

are you a money addict?
are you a money whore?
are you a thief for money?
or is money your boss?

we're all drug addicts
we're all hooked on money addiction
we're all trapped by the money
money is my drug

god didn't make the money
god doesn't want your money
why do you give god your money?
did the preacher tell you to?
Track Name: DIG IT - McDonald's (Live)

were just running 12 to 6
things are really in a fix
we're just getting our kicks
watching you all being ripped off

i want that
i want this
give me some more of that
don't forget no onions/pickles

i used to work for mcdonalds
i used to work for a clown
they used my mind
they used my body

i watched all their videos
i read all their books
i made crew member of the month
i played all their games

i don't care about your food
so why don't you just fuck-off, dude
when do we get paid
i think that manager is gay
Track Name: DIG IT - Whale Of A Town

define san pedro
something old
something backwards
condo's too
ring a bell?

define san pedro
something old
something backwards
apartment buildings
condo's too
ring a bell?

oh no!
beer, weed, sex
Track Name: DIG IT - Chickersized

well i am just chickersized
i need chicks to live - to live
well i am just chickersized
i follow the girls around - around

well i am just chickersized
i need love and affection
well i am just chickersized
i need a woman to be a man - a man
Track Name: SKINHORSE - Showbizadora

it don't take talent
to get into hollywood
it's who you know
and how much you got
pia zadora as a mutant
that's what i see
Track Name: SKINHORSE - Labels Interchangeable

you're just a jock
you're just a skin
you're just a crip
you're just a cop

i can't find no dividing lines
you're just labels interchangeable
can't stand up on your own two feet
so you hide behind a name

fear and ignorance
your only friends
if you really want to play
than quit the game

i can't find no dividing lines
you're just labels interchangeable
i've got a challenge for you
be yourself if you dare
Track Name: SKINHORSE - Monkey Chair

i saw it on tv last night
the infamous electric chair
there a little monkey sat
innocent yet he was there
struggle, struggle little monkey
it still won't do no good to cry
we don't care - your only an animal
flip the switch - it's time to die

is this the benefit of mankind?
what's the purpose of this test?
how much pain can a monkey take?
now they lay him down to rest forever

ooh, you're like a nazi, man
with your medical experiments
you say you're different from the rest
but like them, you've numbed your conscience

last night i saw the monkey chair
sitting there and he was scared
the screaming of the monkey droned
ain't it sad that no one cared?

humanities a murder
the gift of life, you just can't share
you're not a man
and someday soon i hope to see you in the chair
Track Name: SKINHORSE - Tom Sawyers Got Cancer

when my dad was a boy
he used to go camping
up in the hills
of old san pedro

when i was a boy
there were too many houses
so i used to walk along the edge of the ocean
so where does that leave my son?

the next generation
rolling down concrete hills
wrestling on the astro turf
the swimming hole's a dirty ol' reservoir

i think maybe we should move
i tell ya it's time to move
i guess maybe we should move
to another planet
Track Name: TIMO TUNES - Timo Anthem

(Aaron White intro)

my surboard is not a tri-fin
my surfboard is more for stylin'
when i surf, i surf for fun
me and my friends, out in the sun
i don't drive a fast car
my skateboard goes just as far
even though, i'm not a "joe"
i have fun, for i am timo
all those people looking for fame
don't they know that they're so lame
no one knows the real truth
so drink some whiskey and fuck the couth
Track Name: TIMO TUNES - Lustful Loser

i don't care about your fat ass
i just want to make a pass
i don't care if you got one arm
i won't do you any harm
and i don't care if you're three feet tall
don't you know i just wanna ball
and i don't care if you got aids
can't you see i need to get laid

i am what you call a lustful loser
i am what you call a lustful loser
i am what you call a lustful loser
and i just need to get a pull
i just need to get a pull
i just need to get laid
Track Name: TIMO TUNES - Claw

stanny b., won't you please
give me a line, i'm on my knees
i'll kick back, at your pad
cleaning all day, oh won't you be glad
buy me breakfast at the diner
life on the point, couldn't be finer
and even though, you're way older
that just makes me this much bolder
everybody, calls me claw
now that i'm 18, he's not breaking the law
life on the point couldn't be better
wearing stanny b.'s high school sweater
Track Name: TIMO TUNES - Pit Or Poodle?

your gonna have to change your dumb laws
i'm not gonna get rid of my dogs
these new laws are just a bunch of bullshit
you can't make me get rid of my pit
most pit owners aren't really that bad
it's just the media that makes them look sad

pit owners unite
we're gonna have to fight
fighting hard for our breed
stand up we gotta hear your voice
'cause: pit or poodle, pit or poodle
pit or poodle? it's your choice
Track Name: TIMO TUNES - Rise And Shine

rise and shine and smoke the kind
all the time until i die
'cause nothing could be finer
than to smoke the kinder in the morning
'cause aunt jamima's back in town
you know that momma's big and brown
aunt jamima, smoking the kinder
all the time, 'cause she ain't no phony
she'll bop your bologna
even get up top and ride your white pony
Track Name: TIMO TUNES - Bongs Not Bombs

bongs not bombs, bongs not bombs
bongs not bombs, bongs not bombs
space is for deadheads, not for warheads
space is for deadheads, not for warheads
bongs not bombs, bongs not bombs
silly stuman, trips are for kids
silly stuman, trips are for kids
bongs not bombs, bongs not bombs
hippy trips on your wrist
smell patchouli in the air
living life without no care
except, bongs not bombs, bongs not bombs
silly stuman, trips are for kids
silly stuman, trips are for kids
don't you know that space is not for warheads?
don't you know that space - is for deadheads